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1. Is the price $100.00 per person or per boat?

The price is per boat. It should be noted that a single angler in a boat may fish 2 rods in BC. Otherwise, it is 1 rod per person. We do it this way as there is no real way to verify how many rods are being used.

2. Where do I send the registration fees?

All fees are to be sent to

3. What password do I use for my e-transfer?

Please use the password as indicated on the bottom of the registration form. We do have auto deposit set up. 

4. Where do I send my registration form?

Shuswap Lake entries are to be sent to

Okanagan Lake entries are to be sent to

5. Can I use my own measuring device?

NO, all fish to be entered into the derby must be photographed on a derby supplied measuring board. This is our way to prevent cheating. It is our sincere hope that because this is a charity event, people will follow the rules and only enter fish caught during the allotted derby hours. However, when significant cash prizes are involved, some may try to take advantage. Picking up the designated measuring board the evening before is our way to help prevent this.

6. Can I use the measuring board from last year’s derby?

NO, you may not use the measuring board that you used in last year’s derby. HOWEVER, if you have your board from last year, we ask that you bring it with you to pick up your new board on the Friday before the derby. We will happily exchange it for you or put this year’s sticker on it.

7. Can I keep the measuring board after the derby?

YES, we issue the measuring boards at no extra charge for the derby. However, a significant amount of time and money is spent on the boards, so we would love to be able to reuse the boards. We ask that if you are not going to use them on your boat as your regular measuring device, that you do not throw them away! Because, let’s face it, they are pretty awesome! Arrangements can be made with any of the Derby Crew to pick up boards after the derby.

8. Can I become a sponsor for this great cause?

YES! Absolutely you can! We know that this event does not take place without the help and support of our sponsors. Shuswap Derby:

Okanagan Derby:

9. What do I get in return for my sponsorship?

•All sponsor’s logos will appear on our website for approximately 1 year; or until we start planning for the next derby. You can choose to remain a sponsor or decline the next year.

•The top sponsors will have their logos placed on the measuring boards as well as the t-shirts. We would love to have all logos appear here, but there are space restrictions. The bigger sponsor you are, the more exposure you get. Our social media guru, Mandy, also sends out posts on Facebook and Instagram, and our sponsors are ‘tagged’ in our promotional posts. Like and follow us on Facebook: Brewed in Canada, and on Instagram: @team_brewed_in_canada

10. How do I order t-shirts? 

T-shirts are $20. If you would like to order t-shirts, please fill out the t-shirt order form and submit it with your registration.

Please include the amount owing for t-shirts in your e-transfer to Mike. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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